The word IWA means ‘stone’ in Japanese. This is the whole collection’s starting point: “The essence of a piece of art originating from carved stone”.

Miguel Ángel Buonarotti, a famous sculptor, believed that each marble block he worked on had a soul, a latent artwork that he tried to recover. His sculptures, he said, were always there: he only had to remove small stone fragments to bring its soul back. In this very same way, each piece of the Iwa Collection was created from the subtractions made to the original block.

IWA is carved out of multidensity foams and conscientiously covered with a special coating by our artisans. As a result it is extremely lightweight and comfortable despite its imposing angular geometry. The special coating also provides great durability an resistance to wear, making it apt for outdoor use.

Fanstudio has also thought about the little ones in the family. IWA Kids is a smaller sized version of the original IWA design. It has been specifically designed for younger children and can help develop their hand-eye coordination.